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So Basically I tried :)

I just had to blog about this and whoever wants to reply, go for it!:)

So everyone has been telling me to be the better person and try to create a friendship out of nothing. I wanted to do that because the tension seemed crazy around me and I just wanted it to all go away. So that’s what I did, I tried and I’m happy that I did. Even though I didn’t really get a response and it seemed like I should’t have sent anything in the first place, I’m glad that I did because it feels good!

I can show myself and tell myself that I tried :)  That I tried to be nice and start up a conversation but it’s always a two way road so if the other side doesn’t come forward then it doesn’t really count. But too me it does because I at least did it. So who knows what will happen but I did what I did and I’m happy with it

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